Alkaline pH drops vs. Ionizers: Which makes more sense for you?

water-glassMany people ask us whether it makes better sense to use Alkalife pH booster drops to make alkaline water or invest in a water ionizer for their kitchen. Both methods have their advantages, but when alkaline drops and water ionizers are compared side by side, alkaline drops win hands down in terms of cost and convenience.

For example, one bottle of Alkalife can make 360 8-10 oz. glasses of alkaline water with a pH of 10. Furthermore, the portability of the pocket-size bottle can’t be beat, making these drops a great companion accessory while at work, travelling or spending any time away from home. Simply sliding the 1.25 oz. bottle into a purse or pocket gives you the option of drinking alkaline water anywhere, anytime.

How do water ionizers work? In tap water, there are alkaline minerals and acid minerals. Alkaline minerals are positively charged and acid minerals are negatively charged. A water ionizer separates tap water into alkaline water and acid water by means of electromagnetic separation.

In the ionizer, there are two chambers with opposite polarity electrodes. Alkaline minerals in the positive electrode chamber migrate into the chamber with negative electrode; the positive electrode repels positive charges and the negative electrode attracts positive charges. As these positively charged alkaline minerals enter the negative electrode chamber, they combine with hydroxyl ions (OH-) in H2O, kicking out hydrogen ions (H+). These hydrogen ions then travel to the negative electrode and give up their positive charge and become electrically neutral hydrogen molecules (H2). The opposite process takes place with acid minerals.

Alkaline water created by a water ionizer is relatively acid free and, depending upon the alkaline mineral content of the tap water and the setting of the ionizer, the pH value of the alkaline water generally ranges from 8.0 to 10.0. The main alkaline minerals of tap water are calcium and a small amount of magnesium.

Alkaline drops are designed to turn ordinary drinking water into strong alkaline water with a high pH value similar to that of alkaline water made by a water ionizer. Alkaline drops make water more alkaline by simply adding more alkaline mineral hydroxides to increase the pH value of the water. The overall simplicity and cost effectiveness of alkaline drops make them a better choice for people unwilling to spend the thousands of dollars necessary to purchase a water ionizer.

In fact, Alkalife pH booster drops used as recommended (5 glasses a day) will cost only about 35 cents per day. One bottle will make a 2-month supply of alkaline water. We suggest using filtered water, or bottled spring water, and avoiding distilled water as your source. It is also important to understand the pH of your source water before you add pH drops. Alkalife sells a liquid pH tester kit to help you test your water pH before and after adding Alkalife drops.

If you have the cash to spend and want the ability to have alkaline water straight from your kitchen tap, than investing in a water ionizer may make the best sense for you. However, please note that alkaline water made from an ionizer will only hold its high pH for a few hours, thus reducing the portability of this type of alkaline water. Then again, you can always purchase pH drops additionally for those times when you want your water on the go. For people interested in water ionizers, Alkalife has developed the AlkaBest ionizer, available for sale on

But if you want the low cost and convenience of a patented, high-quality alkaline booster in a portable bottle, Alkalife pH booster drops will provide you with the better option.

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