Anti-Aging And The Importance Of Bicarbonates

anti-agingStudies at the University of California have shown that as we age we gradually have a lower number of bicarbonates in the blood. The bicarbonate density of human beings remains fairly constant until the age of 45 and linearly decreases about 18% by the time one reaches 90 years old. In general, adult degenerative diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure start to appear at the age of 45 and up and gradually worsen approaching the age of 90 and up.

Researchers attribute the reduction of bicarbonates in the blood, as we age, to generations of modern American diets and also point out that the average diet today is high in sodium and low in potassium, contrary to the original genetic makeup of the human body.

It is this reduction of bicarbonates in the blood that affects blood flow, making it difficult to eliminate acid waste from the body. As a result, many acid-induced degenerative diseases develop such as blood clots, acid reflux, heart disease, osteoporosis, gout, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, strokes, etc. Alzheimer’s disease is nothing but a slow acidification of the brain. All these diseases are caused by systemic acidosis, which means insufficient bicarbonates in the blood.

When we think of health, we think of diet and exercise, neither of which adds bicarbonates to the bloodstream. Food supplements, raw foods, vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, detoxification, massage, chelation, acupuncture, magnetic devices, oxygenated water etc. seem to help some people some of the time, but they fall short of hitting the mark when it comes to increasing bicarbonates in the blood. Weight control by diet and exercise as well as wrinkle removal may maintain a youthful appearance; however, appearance can be deceiving. The blood inside the body still ages as long as the bicarbonates in the blood are diminishing.

How do you combat this aging process? Drinking alkaline water adds bicarbonates to the bloodstream indirectly through the stomach, helping your body detoxify on a path toward anti-aging. Three drops of Alkalife into a glass of ordinary drinking water (8 oz) changes the water to high pH alkaline water with a pH value of 10.

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