Gluten-Free and Alkaline Diet at the Crossroads

One common factor with gluten allergy and intolerance is an overly acidic GI tract. This acid overload occurs from the intestines all the way to the esophagus. The acidic state can cause damage to the intestine, resulting in nutritional deficiencies.

Celiac disease is usually the diagnosis based on symptoms of fatigue, low energy, digestive problems, muscle cramps, leg tingling, skin rash, iron deficiency, mouth ulcers, and even seizures.

These symptoms will often lead to secondary issues including osteoporosis, cancer of the intestine, miscarriages, and autoimmune diseases. Some children experience delayed lack of growth and development due to deficient nutritional absorption.

A gluten free diet becomes essential. An alkaline diet is important however, inadequate protein can often lead to greater problems. Alkaline bicarbonate protects the intestines from acid overload and can be increased by drinking alkaline water and taking Alkalife enteric coated bicarbonate tablets.

Finally, the GI tract should carry normal bacteria which aid in digestion. A supplement of probiotics along with alkaline water and Alkalife’s pH Balance bicarbonate can support the healing process and continued nutritional wellness.