How to Make Alkaline Water

water-glassThere are several different ways to make water alkaline, but not all of them are simple, convenient or necessarily good for you. Alkaline boosters such as Alkalife pH Booster Drops are the most convenient and make the most sense for your wallet. Here we explore the different ways to make your own alkaline water and introduce some of the pros and cons associated with each method.

Baking Soda
Some people make their own alkaline water by adding baking soda or sodium bicarbonate to water, which reacts in the stomach and causes a salt to form in the blood. Athletes, in particular swimmers, do this to gain a competitive edge against lactic acid cramping. This may be one of the cheapest ways to make alkaline water, but the end result is unhealthy and thus it is not recommended. And while bicarbonate does raise water pH, it gets largely neutralized in the stomach before reaching the blood.

Water Ionizers
Water ionizers use electrolysis to separate and concentrate acid from alkaline minerals. The source water is usually from filtered tap water. Many ionizers increase the levels of arsenic and aluminum in the alkaline water. They also concentrate the non-absorbable calcium. Needless to say, knowing your source water is essential when using an ionizer. Also the water does not stay alkaline for very long. Many ionized bottled waters start to lose their pH quickly after being bottled. Water ionizers are also expensive, often requiring an investment of a few thousand dollars to own one. The high cost makes them financially out of reach for many interested in gaining the benefits of alkaline water on a daily basis.

Bottled Alkaline Water
Many people prefer to simply purchase bottled alkaline spring water from a store. This method is convenient and increasingly popular, however not everyone is on board due to the environmental impact associated with water sold in plastic bottles. If you drink alkaline water every day, as recommended, this also may not be the least expensive alternative.

pH Booster Drops
The simplest, cheapest and most effective way to make your own alkaline water is by using pH Booster Drops. Alkalife pH Booster Drops were developed and patented through a study of biofeedback research to determine the most beneficial ratio of minerals at the most effective pH level. Three drops of Alkalife pH Booster Drops in ordinary drinking water brings the pH of most waters to a perfect 10.

The convenience factor can’t be beat. Having a bottle of alkaline drops in your kitchen or office means you can have alkaline water ready to go at any time. A bottle of Alkalife pH Booster drops can easily be carried in a pocket or purse, so you can also have alkaline water on the go, wherever and whenever you need it. And it’s economical too at a cost of only 7 cents per glass, or 35 cents per day!

The same way a coffee drinker saves time and money by brewing coffee at home or at the office instead of paying up to $4 for a coffee drink at Starbucks, you can also save big by keeping a bottle of alkaline drops handy at all times!