Introduction to Living Alkaline

When Alkalife founder Sang Whang first published Reverse Aging in 1990, little was known about the alkaline-acid balance. The only concept that people were familiar with was alkaline food and acid food. Drinking alkaline water was considered to be a hoax because the stomach is acidic and would neutralize alkaline water. We’ve come a long way in twenty years.

Today we know that alkaline-acid balancing is carried out in the blood by an alkaline buffer (bicarbonate) and an acid buffer (carbonic acid). As we age, we lose bicarbonate in the blood causing alkaline-acid imbalance, especially after 45 years of age. Alkaline-acid balancing means to replenish diminishing bicarbonate in the blood. It is not balancing pH values of the blood.

If the artery blood pH value goes down in proportion with the bicarbonate diminishing, we would all be dead after 55 years of age. In spite of the diminishing bicarbonate in the blood after 45 years of age, the body plays amazing survival tricks to maintain pH values and extend life. The price that the body pays to extend life are old age diseases such as osteoporosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, lipids, clogged artery, heart attacks, cancer, etc. In this Living Alkaline series of posts, we will give scientific explanations to prove the above statements using simple and easy-to-understand chemistry.