Is Baking Soda a Worthy Substitute for Alkaline Water?

alkaline-water-baking-sodaWe have received a few inquiries about baking soda and whether it can help balance a body’s pH the same way as Alkalife®. While there have been studies that show some increase in athletic performance as a result of ingesting baking soda, we do not recommend it. This post will explain why Alkalife pH booster drops in water, aside from being far more convenient, makes a lot more sense.

The purpose of drinking alkaline water is to add bicarbonate to the blood. Many people think that it is equivalent to drinking sodium bicarbonate water (baking soda water).

Drinking sodium bicarbonate water is the same as drinking a combination of salt water and carbon dioxide.

Sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3. Since the stomach contains hydrochloric acid (HCl), the following reaction occurs in the stomach when we drink alkaline water:

NaHCO3 + HCl = NaCl + H2O + CO2

Drinking water with Alkalife results in water and salt (KCl) or (NaCl):

KOH + HCl = H2O + KCl or NaOH + HCl = H2O + NaCl

It is this combination of water and salt that is neutral. Drinking sodium bicarbonate water looks similar, but it has CO2 which behaves as an acid in the stomach. Drinking water containing Alkalife results in creating a neutral solution in the stomach. The stomach then produces hydrochloric acid to restore the original acid condition. In doing so, the stomach produces and injects sodium bicarbonate to the blood.

High pH alkaline water is recommended for health because it delivers more bicarbonate to the blood than weak alkaline water. An 8 oz. glass of water with one teaspoon baking soda has a much lower pH (around 7.8) than high pH alkaline water produced with only three drops of Alkalife, which has a pH value of 10.

The conclusion: adding baking soda to water is a makeshift solution to balancing your pH, and will not result in nearly the same effectiveness as adding alkaline booster drops. Alkalife, backed by bio-feedback studies and scientific research, is a patented and tested formulation delivering the highest concentration of alkaline minerals to the body. For more information, download the free Reverse Aging handbook by Sang Whang.

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