The Paleo Diet: Acid or Alkaline?

paleoInterestingly, many people have asked us about the Paleo Diet in recent months. This diet has actually been around since the mid 1970’s and has received a lot of positive feedback. Of course many would say that it is not an “alkaline” diet since animal meats are a high profile ingredient. This has never been an issue with the science at Alkalife. Balance and moderation is our viewpoint as opposed to abstinence of any particular food. In fact the Paleo Diet typically results in alkalinity, due to its exclusion of cereals and grains.

The Paleo diet also results in a high potassium low sodium intake ratio. Thousands of years ago, there was an abundance of available potassium and a scarcity of sodium. The Paleo diet can deliver 11,000 mg of potassium compared to 700 mg of sodium daily. This ratio is in concert with our Alkalife pH Booster formula and Bicarb-Balance tablets. Our typical diet consists of a flipped ratio which causes hypertension and high blood pressure.

High alkaline water would have been a natural resource in cold running streams, creeks, and rivers. Pollution and increased acid rain have influenced the nature of our water. City water treatment has little control over quality when quantity is in such high demand as we establish densely populated areas. Perhaps our original water is closest to the waters we find in the arctic regions or in glaciers where the pH is often higher than 9.5. This is partly why our bottled water is based on natural spring water and not demineralized reverse osmosis or distilled water from municipal sources.

So if you have already gone Paleo or are considering trying it out, alkaline water is a natural fit. Consider drinking five glasses a day to maximize the health benefits of this increasingly popular approach to diet lifestyle.

To download the Acid-Alkaline Food and Drink Chart, click on the following link: