Nature’s Two Kinds Of Water

springIn the early days when I was just starting to drink alkaline water, I had to go to the Colorado mountains for business. Since it was a two week trip, I decided to take an ionizer and make alkaline water in the hotel room. Since I had the machine, I wanted to use the acid water to rinse my whole body after showering. That’s when I realized that mountain spring water from the rocks contained no acid minerals. The pH of the water in the add side chamber would not go below 7 no matter how long I had the machine on.

On the other hand, hot spring water is nothing but acid. You cannot smell phosphorus but you can definitely smell sulfur, the rotten egg odor near any hot springs. We know that people like to bathe in hot springs to get healthier skin. As I mentioned earlier, human skin is acidic in order to kill bacteria and viruses. Taking a bath in a hot spring is not just to restore skin acidity but also to melt out the old wastes into the blood so that they can be discharged from the body.

Nature provides two distinctively different waters: acid free alkaline water for drinking to wash out acid wastes within the body, and alkaline free acid water for bathing. Man-supplied city water has both kinds of minerals mixed together. I guess that it is easier to dump in chemicals than to extract them.

In the early days of man’s history, we didn’t eat so much acidic food nor drink so many acidic soft drinks; therefore, the amount of alkaline minerals in mountain spring water was sufficient. With our life style today, we need a higher concentration of alkaline minerals in the drinking water than what nature provides in mountain spring water..

– From the writings of Sang Whang. For more information about Alkalife products for pH balance developed by Sang Whang, please visit our homepage at