Sang Whang, An Alkaline Lifestyle Pioneer

Sang-WhangSang Whang was a brilliant and talented individual with a heart for making the world a better place. Actively involved in his church and community, Sang Whang dedicated his life to working hard for the things he believed in. Sang Whang was born on October 16, 1931. He lived in Korea until the age of 20, when he was able to immigrate to the U.S. In 1956, Sang received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. 10 years later, he received his master’s degree at that school as well. In 1965, Sang became the founder of the Korean Association of Greater Miami. He was also the first president for the association. One year later, Sang helped in the invention of the high-speed modem, allowing for significantly faster use of the internet. He would go on to achieve a great reputation as a community builder in Miami.

At the age of 55, Sang Whang was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and he was prescribed a blood pressure medicine to take for the rest of his life. He did not like the idea of taking a medicine for the rest of his life, especially since there are so many unknown side-effects of prescription medicines. One of his friends told him that a water ionizer could help with high blood pressure, although she did not know why. After only six weeks, Sang stopped taking his blood pressure medicine, as it had returned to a normal level. He began to investigate how the ionized water had improved his health, and through his research and scientific experiments he discovered many other health benefits of an alkaline lifestyle as well.

Sang later went on to create the first alkaline pH booster for raising the pH of drinking water. He went through rigorous testing and eventually received a patent for the first liquid pH booster. Today that product is known and used around the world as Alkalife. He also wrote the classic book on the science of alkalinity, Reverse Aging, which would eventually reach hundreds of thousands of copies in circulation. He founded Alkalife in order to give others a chance to experience the benefits of alkaline water. His efforts have made it possible for people to realize the health benefits of alkaline water at an affordable price. Because of Sang’s healthy lifestyle and his commitment to alkaline living, he would be able to remain active for nearly his entire life, and he would live to see nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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