Skip That Soda, Alkaline Water Is Best

SodaWe often receive very good questions about alkalinity and the body from Alkalife customers, and today we will answer two in particular on the topic of carbonated beverages. Here is the question:

Could adding Alkalife drops to a carbonated drink make it alkaline and could that make it as alkaline as water?

Carbonated drinks typically have very low (acidic) pH values. In experiments, we use carbonated water as our acid sample. Carbonation is done with compressed CO2 which is an acidic waste product that our body is constantly trying to remove by exhaling. Drinking compressed CO2 is especially counterproductive as it releases the gas into our body over a prolonged period of time. In this, we are defeating the concept of removing waste and forcing it into our blood. Although adding Alkalife might make the pH measure as alkaline, the compressed CO2 would still time release into both the body and bloodstream as a waste product.

The pH of water varies depending on the source, but if you want to make a carbonated drink alkaline you must consider that you would need to drink ten 8-oz. glasses of alkaline water to undo the acidity of one glass of cola! It would therefore be possible to neutralize the acidity of the carbonated drink with approximately 30 drops of Alkalife, but that would be similar to borrowing garbage from 10 neighbors and buying a garbage truck to deal with the excess invited waste.

In short, we recommend avoiding carbonated soda altogether and drinking plenty of alkaline water! Three drops of Alkalife turns an 8 oz. glass of ordinary drinking water into alkaline water with a pH of 10.