The Truth About Alcohol And PH Balance

alcoholIt is common knowledge that alcohol is not healthy for our bodies. Aside from its mind-affecting properties, alcohol can make you gain weight and also cause serious damage to your liver. Even so, there are a number of claims about the health benefits of drinking certain kinds of alcohol, especially red wine. Is it truly possible to benefit from an alcoholic drink?

Our bodies burn carbohydrates in the food we eat in order to gain energy. Burning carbohydrates produces carbonic acid, which goes into the bloodstream. When this carbonic acid goes through the lungs, the lungs remove the acidic part of it, carbon dioxide, which leaves only water in the bloodstream. This removal of carbon dioxide by the lungs is the quickest way to reduce blood acidity, and blood from the heart contains a very small amount of carbon dioxide. When we drink alcohol, it burns so quickly that the lungs cannot exhale all of the carbon dioxide. Some of it reaches the brain, and we can become intoxicated because this blood brings carbon dioxide to the brain instead of oxygen.

Carbonation can make alcohol enter your system even more quickly. Some believe that an increased bubble surface area is the cause of this, but that isn’t the case. Carbonation actually stimulates the pyloric valve (the part that separates the stomach from the small intestine), which causes the alcohol to flow more easily into the small intestine, allowing the alcohol to be absorbed more easily. It does not matter if the alcoholic drink was made to be carbonated. Drinking any type of soda as a mixer will have the same effect.

Many people enjoy drinking a glass of wine with an evening meal or sipping on a beer when socializing with friends. These types of alcoholic beverages, though moderately acidic, are less acidic than ‘hard liquors.’ Red wines also contain a chemical known as resveratrol, a substance which may help protect from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease (although this is still unconfirmed). However, resveratrol is a substance found in grapes, blueberries, cranberries, and other foods, so it is not the alcoholic properties of the red wine that are good for you. The smarter choice, ultimately, is organic red wine because of the organic fertilizer and lack of pesticides used. In fact, organic wine may be the overall healthiest choice among alcoholic beverages. Beer is also said to offer some health benefits ranging from better bone health to anti-clotting effects which keep blood vessels healthy. Always remember that moderation is key to the idea of enjoying any health benefits associated with beer and wine.

Because alcohol does have strongly acidic properties, we only recommend that you consume alcoholic drinks in moderation. And always remember to stay fully hydrated with high pH alkaline water to help neutralize the overly acidic effects of alcohol on the body. Making smart choices will help you keep your bodily pH level in balance for better health in the long run!