Top 5 Reasons You Should Live Alkaline

healthy-alkaline-waterOver the last several years, more and more research has emerged touting the benefits of an alkaline lifestyle. Good, lasting health is a direct consequence of a well-balanced pH state within the body. Likewise, when a body is overly acidic, a condition known as acidosis, it becomes susceptible to a host of degenerative diseases and health issues.

Furthermore, the ongoing accumulation of non-disposed acidic waste within our bodies invites the onset of premature aging as well as accelerated muscle loss.

Alkalife founder Sang Whang, an early champion of alkaline water, wrote about the consequences of poor diet, stress and the environment on our bodies in his classic book Reverse Aging. And according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, increasing evidence suggests that persisting, low-grade acidosis results in numerous injurious effects on the body including dissolution of bone, muscle wasting and kidney damages.

Today, the benefits of a lifestyle centered around alkaline-forming foods and high pH water are widely known and accepted. Here we present, in no particular order, our list of the top five.

1) Combat against fatigue
Excess buildup of acid in the body diminishes oxygen supply to the body’s cells and tissues. This results in a hampered ability of bodily cells to repair themselves, resulting in greater fatigue. Lack of oxygen also contributes to fatigue by decreasing the body’s ability to utilize nutrients obtained from food. Being alkaline is a useful way to fight against these conditions and set the stage for more energy and a more active life overall.

2) Improved immunity
When a body’s pH is unbalanced, it’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses decreases. When the bloodstream is rich with oxygen, it becomes far more difficult for pathogens to survive. Acidosis lowers the oxygen in the bloodstream, creating an environment where pathogens are more likely to thrive. Being alkaline means your body is equipped to effectively eliminate them, and therefore you have a better chance of avoiding disease.

3) Reduced inflammation
Over-acidity in the body can increase inflammation, setting the stage for a variety of health issues. Disease conditions including arthritis, colitis and bronchitis are predicated by persistent inflammation. A diet that is rich in alkaline-forming foods and alkaline water can serve to help keep inflammation in check.

4) Stronger bone formation
Many years of a meat and processed foods diet with an insufficient amount of vegetables and fruits creates acid imbalance, and the body gradually becomes more acidic. As we age, the body extracts calcium from the bones to balance the blood and body pH, and the bones become brittle, developing osteoporosis. Consistent mineral withdrawal from bones, teeth and organs can ultimately lead to negative consequences in terms of health.

5) Weight loss
This last part is a bit of a no-brainer and somewhat of a bonus for alkaline dieters. When changes to your diet involve eating more fruits and vegetables (especially leafy greens) and reducing your overall intake of fatty meats, dairy and processed grains, not only will you feel better but you are also practically guaranteed to lose weight. Alkaline-forming foods just so happen to be many of the foods doctors and nutritionists have been telling us to eat more of for years. Furthermore, reducing (or eliminating) highly acidic and sugary carbonated soft drinks in favor of alkaline water not only amounts to a daily gram slam in terms of your health, but the reduction of calories will have you slim, fit and feeling better than ever.

Do you have more that aren’t listed here? Please feel free to add to this list in the comments below.