What is Alkaline Tide?

DruckSome people question what alkaline food and water can do for the body. They argue that, since the stomach is highly acidic, any alkalinity for the body would be neutralized well before it was able to affect the body. These claims fail to look at the bigger picture, and it is important for everyone to know how alkaline water affects the body. Stomach acid does neutralize alkalinity in our food and drink, but that does not mean that alkaline food and drinks do not affect our bodies.

Alkaline tides normally occur after eating a meal. The stomach must have enough hydrochloric acid (HCl) to break down any food particles so that they can be digested properly. However, there is no acid pouch in the body. Instead, the stomach creates acid on an as-needed basis. In order to create hydrochloric acid, the body must break down salt (which is chlorine + sodium). As a byproduct, sodium bicarbonate is formed. Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline, so it is distributed into the bloodstream rather than the stomach. This effect is known as an alkaline tide and usually lasts about 2 hours.

Normal alkaline tides affect the body after a meal, but it is possible to induce a natural alkaline tide by drinking alkaline water. Like a large meal, the stomach must break down salts into bicarbonate and hydrochloric acid in order to maintain the stomach’s low pH. This causes a more effective alkaline tide in the body because a) you do not have to over-eat in order to continue getting alkaline tides and b) alkaline waters (such as water with Alkalife) bring the stomach to an even higher pH, and the stomach must then create a more powerful alkaline tide. Do be aware that, although alkaline tides are usually good, we do not recommend raising the pH of your drinking water to 11.0 or higher. Remember that pH is measured on a logarithmic scale, so a pH of 11.0 is ten times higher than a pH of 10.0.

Another way to alkalize the bloodstream is to take enteric coated alkaline supplements such as e-Cal or Bicarb Balance. These pills contain calcium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate respectively. Enteric coated pills are able to bypass the stomach’s acid with a special coating, so they reach the blood stream directly. This creates an effect similar to an alkaline tide in the body since bicarbonates are added to the blood. Do not inject yourself with alkaline material or create your own enteric coated pills using enteric coated capsules. Raising your blood’s pH improperly may result in serious harm to the body or even death.

Sodium and calcium bicarbonates raise the body’s pH, but they only allow the body to reach an alkalinity that is safe. This is why we recommend using either alkaline supplements that increase the pH of your water or enteric coated pills that contain natural blood pH factors (bicarbonates). Try to stay away from eating too many highly acidic foods as well. Although you may receive an alkaline tide in the short run, the acidic substances within the food may become deposited and stored in the body.