Alkalife Celebrates Its 20 Year Anniversary

Alkalife celebrates its 20 year anniversary this month. Launched by renowned scientist, inventor and author Sang Whang who developed the first pH water booster for the human body, the patented alkaline mineral supplement minimizes acidosis, a condition characterized by excessive acidity in the body.

Left unchecked, acidosis can cause serious long-term health issues if the acid-alkaline balance is not properly restored. These issues include loss of bone density, high blood pressure, inflammation, accelerated aging and increased risk of degenerative disease in general.

“Over the last 20 years, Alkalife has remained the leading pH enhancer throughout the many changes in the economic climate,” said Jose Fernandez, chief executive officer. “I attribute our success to a singular health focus, helping people of all ages fight degenerative disease and live a longer, healthier life throughout the world.”

Today, Sang Whang’s son, Peter Whang, chief research and development officer, continues to build on the science of pH balance for a new generation seeking health, wellness and longevity.

Alkalife has grown to include five core products that play an important role in keeping the body free from accumulated acidic waste including:

• Alkalife® pH booster drops (patented pH booster liquid drops turn ordinary drinking water into alkaline water)
• Bicarb-Balance (enteric-coated tablets that dissolve in the intestine to allow maximum absorption into the bloodstream, neutralizing acid)
• e-Cal® (calcium carbonate powder for low bone density condition)
• AlkaBest® Water Ionizer (NASA technology filters up to 99% of lead and 55 of the most volatile organic compounds (VOC) like chloroform, atrazine and phenol)
• Alkalife TEN spring water (convenient pH enhanced spring water version of its best-selling water enhancer, new this summer)

With a new management team in place as of January 2012, Alkalife introduced a full rebrand with new packaging.

“We’re also expanding our distribution channels beyond online sales and recently partnered with Select Nutrition which will give us access to sales in 7,000 retail stores throughout the country beginning in August,” Fernandez said. “And to meet the growing demand of our customers in the sports nutrition segment, plans are underway to sign with major retailers of natural, organic, health and nutrition related products.”

As part of its 20 year celebration, Alkalife will release a newly edited print and e-book edition (now on Kindle, Nook and iTunes) of Reverse Aging, by Sang Whang. The book is written in a simple and easy to understand manner and reflects the importance of the balance of acidity and alkalinity critical to staying healthy and reversing the aging process. Alkalife has won industry recognition as a trendsetting and innovative healthcare product provider by delivering the only patented pH formula available on the market. The company’s track record of results and success is due to its investment in people, continued research and new product development and worldwide distribution expansion.