Alkalife pH Booster Supplements Enter Canadian Health Market

Alkalife has announced it has teamed up with Axel Kraft International to distribute Alkalife pH Boosters in Canada. Axel Kraft is a foremost distributor of premium health and beauty products in Canada and will serve as the exclusive distributor of Alkalife throughout the country. Don Kashin and Associates have been hired to be the exclusive Canadian broker for Alkalife.

“We are thrilled that Axel Kraft has selected our line of pH supplements to be included among its top-quality and exclusive product offerings,” said Jose Fernandez, chief executive officer of Alkalife. “We appreciate their commitment to providing goods that are on trend and responsive to the ongoing health needs of Canadians.”

With the growing awareness of the importance of maintaining proper bodily pH, the demand for products such as Alkalife pH boosters continues to rapidly increase in many countries including Canada. This month, Axel Kraft will introduce Alkalife’s three core supplement products to the Canadian market for the first time – Alkalife pH Booster Drops, Alkalife pH Balance Tablets, and Alkalife pH Balance Tablets with Calcium.

Alkalife pH Boosters are the original natural pH supplements, introduced by scientist and researcher Sang Whang, author of Reverse Aging, in 1994. Today they remain the leading line of alkaline supplements in the world and are the only pH boosters to have ever been awarded a U.S. patent.

“Our customers are always looking for opportunities to improve and maintain health so they can look and feel their best,” said Fernandez. “As alkaline dieting and lifestyles continue to surge in popularity, people all over Canada will now have a more convenient option for achieving better health through pH balance with the introduction of these one-of-a-kind supplements.”


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Axel Kraft International is a foremost distributor of premium health and beauty products in Canada. Since its inception, its dedication to client support and high quality products through the fields of importation, labeling and gift design, and distribution has continually been demonstrated by sales achievements and excellent, long-lasting rapport with valued partners. Founded in 1982, the company was a supplier to the first body shops in Canada and one of the first companies to sell vegetable-based glycerin soaps. Today, Axel Kraft continues to supply top-quality, exclusive goods to specialty boutiques, major department stores, and health food shops.