Alkalife TEN Spring Water Now Offered By UNFI, KeHE/Tree Of Life And Nature’s Best Distributors

Alkalife, the leading provider of alkaline dietary supplements and creator of the original pH booster drops, announced today that United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), Tree of Life (a KeHE company) and Nature’s Best are now distributors of Alkalife TEN alkaline spring water to grocery stores and independent and chain natural foods stores throughout North America.

Alkalife TEN spring water was newly introduced in January of this year, though the company has a storied history. Noted author and alkaline pioneer Sang Whang founded Alkalife in 1994 after developing the first and only patented pH booster supplements. Alkalife TEN contains the same patented formula found in the original pH booster drops. The introduction of Alkalife TEN marks the company’s entry into beverages.

“We are pleased that UNFI, Tree of Life and Nature’s Best, the largest distributors of natural products in the United States, have opted to include us among their exclusive product offerings,” said Jose Fernandez, chief executive officer of Alkalife. “We appreciate their commitment to providing products that are on trend and responsive to consumers’ needs.”

With the alkaline diet and lifestyle gaining in popularity, the demand for products such as Alkalife TEN alkaline spring water is growing. Alkalife TEN offers customers the highest pH of any bottled water brand and is sourced at natural springs.

“Our customers are looking for opportunities to improve and maintain health so they can look and feel their best,” said Fernandez. “As alkaline dieting and lifestyles continue to surge in popularity, more and more people will look for super pH waters like Alkalife TEN on store shelves. People all over North America will now have a more convenient option for achieving better health through pH balance with the introduction of this one-of-a-kind beverage.”