Keeping the Mind Young: A Guide for Longevity

By Jess Walter

longevityYour brain is, arguably, the most important part of day-to-day function. Without a sound, healthy mind, you will be kept from being your optimal self—in terms of how you interact with other people, how you perform in your career, and how well you feel both physically and emotionally. By drinking alkaline water on a regular basis, you can reduce the effects of aging and even keep your mind young.

But what goes into the science of keeping your mind feeling young, agile, and healthy? There is more to it than you think, and there are fortunately many ways that you can hone in on your brain health, like drinking alkaline water or practicing brain games to improve memory, in order to promote a functioning, vigorous mind. Traditionally speaking, our longevity is not in our control, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be proactive about keeping your mind young.

The Science Behind Youthful Minds

According to research at Harvard University tested by both mice and humans, doctors link certain brain activities to the stimulation of newfound connections between nerve cells. This means that doing your part in exercising your brain—no matter the form it takes—leads to fruitful mental motivation. In fact, it can even help to generate new brain cells, which will build a reserve that can reduce the risk of future brain cell loss (an inevitable consequence of old age).

Thus, by regularly stimulating the brain, you can keep it feeling young and fresh. Experimenting with new activities that cause you to think outside the box, or, to simply think differently than your usual train of thought will significantly enhance your brain’s function. Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs proper nutrition, too.

Incorporate These Fun Brain Games

One of the best ways to get this type of mental stimulation that your brain needs to stay young is to engage in brain games. Sometimes, you can play brain games without even knowing it. If you enjoy crossword puzzles, Scrabble, word-searches, or card games with friends, you already give your brain a good workout each time you play.

A more difficult brain game to implement is trying something entirely new—like keeping a daily journal, learning a new language, navigating with a map, or learning to use software for the first time. You can also attend a lecture on a subject or topic that interests you. Really, anything that pulls you out of your usual way of thinking will be good inspiration for your neural pathways to feel invigorated.

Because your brain is essential to enjoying life to the fullest, you should incorporate more brain games into your daily routines to keep your mind feeling youthful and uninhibited by age.